CÉLINE  Bag  and  Cuff  / BACH   Rescue Remedy Drops   / SYLVAIN LE HEN   Hair Pin 014   / AESOP   Facial Hydrosol   / GROWN ALCHEMIST   Hand Cream   and   Face Cream   / GENTLE MONSTER   Sunglasses   / BACH   Rescue Pastilles   / SAINT LAURENT   Wallet

CÉLINE Bag and Cuff / BACH Rescue Remedy Drops / SYLVAIN LE HEN Hair Pin 014 / AESOP Facial Hydrosol / GROWN ALCHEMIST Hand Cream and Face Cream / GENTLE MONSTER Sunglasses / BACH Rescue Pastilles / SAINT LAURENT Wallet

All the things I carry in my bag: iPhone, facial mist, hair accessories, sunglasses, car keys, hand cream, and wallet. The yellow packages are from Rescue, I always keep the Pastilles in my bag because they taste so good and the drops are easy to use. Made from flower essence these guys help take the edge off any stressful situation. Pick some up near you.


Sponsored by Rescue.